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Transforming Lives: The Unique TMS Experience at Live Well Psychiatry

Dr. Hoopes standing in front of the Live Well Psychiatry TMS machine.

In the realm of mental health treatments, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) has emerged as a groundbreaking therapy, and Live Well Psychiatry is paving the way for a unique and transformative experience. Patients are not just receiving a standard TMS treatment; they are embarking on a journey of healing guided by a compassionate and dedicated team. Below, a few of our previous patients explain a bit about their treatment experiences at Live Well Psychiatry. 

Christi B., a satisfied patient, praises Dr. Hoopes for his kindness and comprehensive understanding of overall health. The new TMS therapy at Live Well Psychiatry has left her feeling great with no side effects, showcasing the commitment to patient well-being and safety.

"Dr. Hoopes is very kind and informed about all aspects of a person's health. The new TMS Therapy has me feeling great. With no side effects. I'm very grateful to both him and his staff." - Christi B. 

Cindy G. shares a heartwarming story about her daughter's journey with TMS at Live Well Psychiatry. Describing it as a "miracle blessing," Cindy emphasizes the life-changing impact the treatment had on her daughter. Amidst struggles and fading hope, TMS provided the freedom for her daughter to embrace life without the burden of depression. Cindy acknowledges Meghan, the TMS tech, for her sensitivity and kindness, highlighting the genuine relationships formed during the process.

"We just finished doing TMS treatments at Live Well Psychiatry. It has been a miracle blessing in our lives to see the difference it has made in our daughter. We had tried so many different things and were struggling to maintain hope. This treatment has given our daughter the freedom to be herself and not be burdened down by the heaviness of depression. It actually seemed too easy to be true and we worried that it wouldn't work, but it has helped her tremendously and we are so grateful! Meghan was the TMS tech we worked with most and she was so sensitive and kind. She formed a relationship with our daughter that also helped in the process so much and showed genuine love and interest each day. We really appreciate her kindness as well as Sadie, the other tech, who both made my daughter feel hope and loved. This is definitely something we would recommend to others wondering if there is help out there!" - Cindy G.

Emry H.'s review further attests to the positive impact of TMS at Live Well Psychiatry. Emry commends Meghan, the TMS technician, for being funny, personable, and understanding. The transformation in Emry's life underscores the effectiveness of TMS, making a strong recommendation to others contemplating this therapy.

"I did tms through live well psychiatry and it was fantastic. Meghan (the tms technician) is super funny and personable and very understanding. Tms turned my life around and I highly recommend it to anyone considering it!" - Emry H.

Edith B. echoes the sentiment of commitment, emphasizing the dedication of Meghan, the TMS technician, in making the treatment easy to follow through. Edith acknowledges the significance of the therapy, describing it as a "big commitment" but well worth trying. The confidence and safety felt throughout the process affirm the quality of care at Live Well Psychiatry.

"I recently went through TMS treatment here. It’s a big commitment but the technician, Megan helps make it easy to follow through with the schedule. She is very good at her job, very confident and I always felt safe. I’d say it’s well worth trying this new therapy." - Edith B. 

At Live Well Psychiatry, TMS is not just a treatment; it's a personalized journey guided by compassionate professionals. The testimonials of Christi B., Cindy G., Emry H., and Edith B. paint a picture of hope, transformation, and genuine care. If you're considering TMS and wondering if there is help out there, Live Well Psychiatry emerges as a beacon of hope, ready to make a positive impact on your mental health journey.

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