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Medication Unrelated to Psychiatric Care


Please note that we will not refill any prescriptions you may have that are unrelated to your psychiatric care. Without consulting with other providers, it can be dangerous to prescribe you medication we have not approved. Likewise, when other providers refill medications we prescribe, it can disrupt your treatment plan and result in complications to your mental health. We are only interested in providing you with the best possible care, and are careful to prescribe medication you need, and no more. If your provider at Live Well Psychiatry will not refill your prescription without an appointment, please trust that it is for a good reason and do not ask other providers to fill the prescription instead. Your mental health is extremely important to us, and we don’t want to jeopardize any progress you have made by deviating from your treatment plan.

Please be advised that all filled prescriptions, including those paid for with cash, are tracked by the Board of Pharmacy.