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Getting Back Into The School Routine

Kids getting ready for school in the morning.

As summer draws to a close, the time has come for children to bid farewell to carefree days and prepare for the new academic year. For many kids, transitioning from the relaxed summer break to the structured school routine can be challenging. We understand the importance of supporting children during this critical time to ensure a smooth and successful reentry into the academic environment. In this blog post, we share some valuable insights and tips to help parents navigate this transition with their children and promote their mental well-being.

  1. Start Early and Gradually Adjust

One of the key factors in facilitating a smooth transition is to begin the process early and gradually. About a week before school starts, adjust your child's sleep schedule, meal times, and daily routine to mirror the school routine. Encourage early bedtimes and wake-up times, so they can get used to the schedule gradually. This step will minimize the shock of sudden changes and help your child ease back into the school routine with less stress.

  1. Open Communication

Open communication is very important during this transition. Talk to your child about their feelings and concerns related to returning to school. Create a safe and non-judgmental space where they can express their anxieties, excitement, or any other emotions they might be experiencing. Validate their feelings and reassure them that it's natural to feel a mix of emotions during this time.

  1. Create Positive Anticipation

Help your child build positive anticipation for the upcoming school year. Discuss the things they enjoyed about previous school years or any exciting activities they might be looking forward to. You can also involve them in the back-to-school shopping process, allowing them to pick out some school supplies or a new outfit. These simple gestures can spark enthusiasm and make them feel more invested in their return to school.

  1. Reconnect with Friends

Social connections play a crucial role in a child's well-being. Encourage your child to reconnect with school friends before the academic year begins. Setting up playdates or virtual hangouts can help alleviate feelings of isolation and make the transition back to school more enjoyable.

  1. Visit the School

If possible, take your child on a visit to the school a few days before the academic year commences. Walking around the campus, locating their classrooms, and meeting teachers can help ease any anxieties related to the new environment. Familiarity breeds comfort, and this can significantly boost their confidence for the first day of school.

  1. Manage Expectations

Encourage your child to set realistic goals for the upcoming school year. Remind them that it's okay to face challenges and that learning is a journey with its ups and downs. Emphasize the importance of effort and improvement rather than solely focusing on grades.


Transitioning from summer to school can be an emotionally charged time for children. Parents play a crucial role in supporting their child's mental well-being during this period. By starting early, maintaining open communication, creating positive anticipation, and fostering social connections, parents can make the transition smoother and help their children flourish academically and emotionally throughout the upcoming school year. Remember that every child is unique, and patience, understanding, and empathy are key in facilitating a successful back-to-school transition.

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